Automated CRL monitoring, alerting, and reporting

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For the status of a certificate to be determined an up to date CRL must be available to the users of your PKI. If the CRL is not available or is stale (has expired) relying systems will start to fail. To prevent this, CRL Monitor periodically checks your CRLs to check for freshness and availability.

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Prevent serious incidents by receiving timely email alerts if a CRL isn't renewed on time, is unavailable, or is corrupt.

  • Sends alerts if a CRL is not fresh
  • Sends alerts if a CRL is not available
  • Sends alerts if a CRL is corrupted
  • Sends alerts to multiple recipients


Each time CRL Monitor runs, it writes the pertinent details of all the CRLs it has retrieved and decoded during the scan to a report.

Easy to use

You can setup CRL Monitor in less than two minutes.

  1. Unzip the crlmonitor zip file to a folder
  2. Open a command prompt in the folder
  3. Add the CRLs to check to uri_list.txt
  4. Type CrlMonitor.exe and press return

Running CrlMonitor

CrlMonitor can be run from a command prompt, automated, or scripted. You can try it for free.

CrlMonitor Console

Latest Customer Feedback

" works fine, in command prompt and with task scheduler. CRL monitor is the tool we were looking for, now for us the installation is complete and productive. Thank you for your superb support!" -- Hans Probst
(Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd)