Red Kestrel Consulting Limited is a provider of security consultancy and bespoke software development services to businesses throughout the world. We have a deep understanding of IT security and extensive experience in delivering PKI and SSL solutions.

PKI and SSL Consultancy

Whether you want help designing and deploying a PKI or have PKI/SSL development requirements we are here to help. Our PKI consultants have worked on small and large scale PKI projects in most industry sectors and have developed many PKI and SSL related software solutions.

Completed Projects

Here are a few examples of projects we have delivered:

  • Designed and delivered an Entrust and Microsoft AD based PKI solution for an international bank. The solution was for an initial 20,000 end entity certificates and included WNES, SCEP, and web interfaces.
  • Provided SAML and Identity Management consultancy for a major UK government project. This involved working closely with the UK cabinet office and home office
  • Secure SOAP web service for a UK government agency
  • Monitoring service for a major PKI service provider
  • 100K certificate audit
  • Various web based applications using Python and the Django web framework
  • XML interface to a web based identity management system in .NET and C#
  • Website vulnerability scanning tool in Python
  • Various PKI related services for banks and organisations throughout the world

Technologies Employed

We have experience with a broad range of technologies including the following:

  • .Net, C#, ASP.NET
  • C
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • Django, CherryPy
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
  • Windows, Linux, and various flavours of Unix
  • Various PKI products deployment and customisation
  • RSA CM customisation with XParse and XUDA