Find and test your SSL certificates

Do you know how many SSL certificates you have deployed, where they are located, when they expire, and if they are providing adequate protection? Use Red Kestrel's Certificate Discovery tool, CertAlert to find out.

Red Kestrel's SSL Certificate Discovery Tool is a comprehensive product designed to help businesses improve the security and management of their SSL certificates. By locating, testing and providing a detailed inventory of your SSL certificates, the tool helps organisations avoid costly system failures, issues with compliance, or losses from data breach.

Key Features

  • Searches your networks for SSL certificates
  • Highlights expired or expiring SSL certificates
  • Sends alerts to one or more recipients
  • Highlights certificates that may allow breaches of security
  • Scans IP ranges or a supplied list of hosts
  • Lets you specify ranges of TCP ports to check
  • Produces detailed certificate reports
  • Scales to meet requirements of large organisations